Saturday, June 1, 2013

Peter Pan Crochet Collar

Crochet Peter Pan Collar in Misty Taupe

Naturally Caron Spa yarn is one of my most favorite yarns. It is a bamboo blend yarn and everything I make with it is so soft, yet has a gorgeous sheen to it. All of my little projects end up looking polished when I work with it compared to other yarns I use.

Since I use it a lot, I always have scraps of it lying around. Gathering some inspiration from Pinterest and my border stitch books I decided to make a Peter Pan collar out of this beautiful Misty Taupe color.  I created this pattern from experimentation and random ideas I found in my crochet border books, but I never wrote my final pattern down.

I am so happy with the finished product! The color and the pattern really shaped this collar into something that looks like an heirloom piece.  It can be worn loosely or it can be sewn to the neck of another shirt, dress, or cardigan. Some people wear them much like a necklace. The button can be placed in the back and worn that way as well! So much versatility!

I have a lot more scraps of this yarn in other shades. Now the dilemma is if I should recreate this collar in other colors, or if I should create a different pattern for each color? Hmm.....


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