Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fun Summer Scarves

Scarves are now fashionable for any time of year! Even the summer!

Recently I found a shop that was selling remnant jersey-knit fabric from a clothing manufacturer. The remnant fabric was sold in long, thin strips and was perfect to be considered like a bulky yarn. I was intrigued and started imagining all of creative possibilities!

When the yarn arrived I was so excited and got right to work. My first creations with these yarns are some light-weigh t-shirt scarves.

Of course, I made one of each of these for myself. I've worn each of them several times this past week, and I get the most compliments on them! "What a cool scarf!" "You MADE that?" "Those would make really cool gifts for my friends!"

Hmm. But now I need some more ideas on what to make with them. I can crochet or knit with them, too. Maybe a beach bag? Maybe chunky bracelets?  I think I'll turn some of them into chunky knit cowls this fall, too! Any other ideas?

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